Chicago agents and facts of Illinois insurance

There are many things about Illinois car insurance which the Chicago agents don't want their clients to know. One fact about the Illinois car insurance quotes are that they are charged for on a regular basis. Most of the car insurance companies in Chicago usually have a minimal fee for providing quotes. This is irrespective of the applicants buying insurance for them. However most of the Chicago agents do not disclose to their clients that free insurance quotes and other benefits are available online. Hence most of the people who want Illinois quotes for auto insurance spend a lot of time in getting insurance quotes from different companies. A lot of money is spent in the process and a lot of time is wasted.

Facts which Chicago agents don't tell about Illinois insurance

Various factors are not revealed about Illinois insurance quotes to their clients. These include-

a) Quotes are not prices of auto insurance

Most of the agents provide the quotes to their clients as their insurance rates. However what they don't tell their clients is the fact that these insurance prices differ from these quotes. It has been noted that the quotes are just an approximate cost for the insurance and are provided to the prospective clients for an approximation of the same. But the final prices for insurance are provided later and usually the prices differ largely.

b) Students car insurance

Most of the auto insurance policy holders are not aware that their children, who are studying, do not require a separate insurance policy. The student's auto insurance can be covered under the same insurance policy which their parents own. Due to their profit interests most of the Chicago agents insist on providing separate insurance policy to the students without informing them about the benefits of combining these insurances.

c) Deductibles

There are various auto insurance policies which have more deductibles as compared to the cost of the repairs. In such cases the total amount for the bill usually leads to claim being unreported. It is legal for the clients to not report an accident to their insurance company because every time a claim is filed it will go onto the insurance record. Insurance companies are protected against fraudulent claims from clients. Hence it is always a risk for the client and the policy may not be renewed if the client has been involved in one accident.