Is Your Car Gas-Efficient? 

Keeping your vehicle in top condition can help you save on gas expenses.

The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services offers the following suggestions for making your ride a gas-saver: 

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Proper Maintenance

Proper maintenance is necessary to maintain top fuel efficiency. This includes: 

save on gas

In addition, you can save gas by minimizing the amount of time your car spends idling. Since idling gets zero miles to the gallon, it can be a significant drag on your fuel efficiency – to the tune of 14 percent, according to Global Stewards. In winter, keep warm-up time to a minimum; not only does this reduce idling, but your car warms up more efficiently while in operation. 

If you’re trying to figure out which type of gas to use, keep in mind that super unleaded is formulated for greater fuel efficiency. However, you’ll pay more at the pump for super than for regular unleaded, so you’ll have to do your own calculations as to whether this is a worthwhile expense.

Finding the Cheapest Gas 

The internet offers a powerful resource when looking for the lowest gas prices in your area. Using your search engine of choice, plug in terms such as “cheap gas prices” or “lowest gas prices”, along with the name of your city. Here are a few of those sites: