Chicago Agents and Auto Insurance

Auto insurance policies include various kinds of terms and conditions which are not possible for the common person to understand. Hence it is always suggested that the help of an agent be taken for avoiding such confusing options. But often the insurance agents do not reveal various facts so that the insurance company can get more profits. There are many things about car insurance which the Chicago agents don't want their clients to know.

Facts Chicago agents don't tell about car insurance

Various factors are not revealed about Chicago insurance quotes to their clients. These include-

a) Free Quotes and their differences in prices of insurance rates

Free online quotes can be availed through the various websites. The usual procedure of getting insurance quotes involves going to different agencies and companies for insurance quotes. Most of these agencies charge separately for the auto insurance quotes and hence the process for the same becomes time consuming and expensive. But most of the agents provide free quotes to their clients and neither do they inform their clients about the same. Also the clients are often not told that the insurance quotes are not the same as the insurance rates. There are usually vast differences in the prices of the auto insurance quotes and the prices of the insurance provided. The quotes are just an approximate cost for the insurance and are provided to the prospective clients for an approximation of the same. The insurance rates are the final price for auto insurance in Chicago.

b) Chicago students car insurance

Policy holders have options where they can include the insurance policy of their student children in their own auto insurance policy. The Chicago auto insurance has provisions where the student's auto insurance and their parent's auto insurance can be covered under the same policy. But most of the auto insurance policy holders are not aware of the same. Agents don't reveal this to the policy holder due to their profit interests. Usually most of the Chicago agents insist on providing separate insurance policy to the students because this way they can gain from dual policy benefits for the insurance company.

c) Chicago auto insurance and deductibles

It should be remembered that the Chicago auto insurance policies have more deductibles as compared to the cost of the repairs. In most of these cases the entire amount for the bill usually leads to claim being unreported. Clients are often not keen on reporting their accidents due to the claim being filed and being added to the insurance record. More than one accident can result in non renewal of the policy.