5 mistakes while getting cheap auto insurance

1. Selection of the limits based on the minimums your state requires

There are some people who buy the minimum required insurance by the state. Though it is good to be within the legal limits of the state laws it is also essential to exceed the minimum limit for personal gains. The state implies the basic limits for ensuring a basic safety level of the policy holders but sticking to the limit, for cheap auto insurance, may actually cost you more. Choosing the minimums results in risk of large out-of-pocket expenses every time an insurance claim is filed. It is vital that while choosing insurance limit the size of your vehicle and damage risks should be calculated.

2. Selecting an auto insurance company by price alone

The selection of the auto insurance company only on the basis of prices offered by the auto insurance company can actually lead to more losses than gain. Availing several auto insurance quotes and making the choice on who charges the least, without examining what is being at offered at the price, is like selling yourself short. It should be remembered that the quotes are not the actual insurance prices and hence the coverage and other benefits should be considered before availing these insurance prices. There are other factors to consider like progressive insurance.

3. Hiding facts about your driving history

There are many people who don't want to reveal the facts about their tickets, accidents or other moving violations during a quote. The risk of increase in the prices and the premium rates are high due to the same. But it should be remembered that the auto insurance companies in Chicago can check your driving records and they usually do so before providing the final rates for auto insurance quotes. Hence it is best to be honest about the same.

4. All auto insurance companies are not the same

Most people believe that all auto insurance companies provide the same rates and coverage which is not true. There are some insurance companies which are regulated on a state-by-state basis, their products and services are different. Hence it is vital to compare the different deals and options being provided by these companies.

5. Selecting an insurance coverage that can be available through other avenues.

It is best to think about the possibility of duplicate auto insurance policies before availing the same. There are instances when the manufacturer's warranty is still active, and hence you don't have to avail the same in your insurance policy.